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Sept 2011. E-Zine.
   Slow Computer?
If your computer suddenly slows down there’s a strong possibility that it has been infected by a virus.
But if your computer has slowed down gradually, then there can be a number of reasons, e.g. an infection (virus, spyware); too many installed programs (e.g. toolbars in your browser); too many programs loaded at startup; or perhaps running out of hard disk space.
Older computers (perhaps 3+ years) can often be sped up by the simple and usually quite cheap expedient of increasing the memory (RAM). The main reason for the slowing down is largely because Windows itself has grown bigger with updates.
Our trainer will show you how to make the most of your computer in the comfort of your own home.
We believe you should become confident and independent with computers. Our training shows you how.
Sessions are two hours long. Each includes two follow-on phone calls to help with any queries that crop up.  Below are some of the subjects that can be covered.

Everything you wanted to know about computers

A tour of the World Wide Web

Search & research

Keeping in touch with friends & family

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter

Online shopping

Web design

Photography & video


Office applications

And anything else you want to know more about.

Here’s Simi training a new client.
   Training - On Your Own Computer
  Top Tip - Spam
If or when you receive spam (unwanted and unsolicited emails of unknown origin) then do not “unsubscribe”. All that will happen is that the spammer knows you are there, and you will probably receive more spam as a result. There are ways to reduce the nuisance of spam: speak to us.
   How We Can Help You
We offer a personal comprehensive range of value-for-money services.  We repair and upgrade computers and laptops and  remove viruses, and of course we advise you on any new purchase (note that we do not sell computers) as well as telling you about the best broadband providers (ISPs).
   A Genuine Testimonial
   Free Advice
If you have any questions, small or large, about computers or telephony, then do give us a call free of charge. We’ll be happy to help!
   Less Complicated Computing
From MK in Widcombe, Bath: “I found my senior's two hour session with Simi most instructive at a pace that I could absorb and remember. I can now use my photo library with confidence. Excellent value for money.”
Did you know…
that your computer set-up can be as comprehensive or as simple as you would wish. Some of the benefits of a simpler system are that your computer is less cluttered, and with fewer programs installed it may run faster and more reliably, you save money on not having programs you don’t need, there’s less to learn about, there’s less to go wrong.
Tom has the knowledge and experience to allow him to create an affordable bespoke
system that suits your needs.  So if you prefer your computing less complicated, or only use it for one or two things, eg keeping in contact with family and friends abroad, then this is for you.
Tom’s assistance can benefit you by saving you time, money and stress as with his help you will have a professionally set up system, running at its optimum with the added bonus that his reasonable fee is usually off-set by the savings he can make for you.
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